In praise of the new inbox look


As a contrast to complaining, today I want to say three good things about the new message inbox.

  1. The clock is accurate and shows the correct time for all messages, regardless of the various timezones.
  2. I like the way we can see the profile to see what country the messenger is from.
  3. I also like the way we have a link to all previous purchases by the messenger.

If only each sentence of each message were not so far apart from the others and the window for messages was larger at 100% zoom.


Still waiting to see that in my profile. Its same old interface yet .


I’m enjoying the new inbox now.

If anyone reads this… when I’m having a conversation in my inbox, my own messages do not get displayed after the last thing the other person said.

They jump up where I can’t see them after I send them. Is this normal?


There was a blog post recently, including screenshots and a “how to use”, leaving the link here.