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In problematic cases

Im new in the fiverr and I have some questions about the time that the buyer does not satisfy with the sellers work and both want their money . How they can solve their issues? How the fiverr decide to pay which one?


Trial by combat.

Sword, axe, and mace being the options of choice.

There’s no way around it.

Jokes aside, Fiverr’s Customer Support will decide who is right. If they decide that the Buyer is right - the order will get cancelled. If they decide that the Seller is right - they can’t force the Buyer to accept the order, so either the Buyer will finally accept and leave a review or the order will remain in “revision” state until the end of eternity.

That’s about it.


Thank you very much.
What if the seller cannot deliver the project on time? what process will happen?
The buyer can refund the money or has to wait for project completion?
In case of refunding, will the process fee also be given back to the buyer or just the gigs price?

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If you don’t deliver on time, you can ask for a delivery extension. Otherwise you will get a negative review and the funds returned to the buyer.

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