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In regards to FIVERR "thinking" about adding an advertising model on


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In regards to the new type of platform you are thinking to implement…First I can tell someone over there has a little background from other big tech companies thinking they can do what happened then, now on fiverr… think about it hard then think about it again.

It’s a good idea but remember you want to give your members a fair chance on your marketplace like a shopping mall does with its stores, depending on where the person walks in the mall they all kind of have an equal amount of visibility, this should always be a part of Fiverr’s micro business model and rotation algorithm in order to attractive the uniqueness someone could bring and what you have been branding all along. Remember everyone starts small and had a great chance of growing big on fiverr, if a new seller has to compete for a spot against the longer standing members then you might sell yourself short with a seller who feels Fiverr is too competitive and monopolistic to even consider offering their services especially because of paid advertising from sellers that are prominent all around the site.

Also keep in mind that the 20% you have been charging is fair for the marketing and service connections you offer between buyers and sellers so if the 20% is added on top of the idea of charging for advertisement it might not be so appealing, the savvy know what is fair market compensation and commission payment.

I understand why you guys are thinking of going this route, it appears to be standard practice for online web businesses regardless of the actual services they offer. Google did the same but one thing google did is they focused their branding on everything BUT the advertising model and that’s what Fiverr should do to. If you bring in an advertising model, try to keep the border lines solid between the user experience like google does with their search engine, email and other stuff. Ask yourself this guys/gals, how many times has google changed their front page? Or included advertising on the front page? How many times has youtube changed their video wire framing?

Maybe the idea is to bring in an additional advertising model with advertisers from the outside for fiverr… First then after you see the results from outside advertisers you can offer it to sellers.

I know its scary for CEO or CFO or CTO’s, board and employees to come into an agreement to try something innovative but that is what the internet is all about and don’t try to copy what everyone else is doing, come up with something new and just make sure you always have a back up if something goes wrong. I also know that just because someone over there has experienced whatever from where ever they come from, big names like google or yahoo or whoever is making the suggestions, doesn’t mean it will work with Fiverr. Trust me I’ve seen a former C.E.O of UPS try to lead as C.E.O. of another company with such a failure at the end of just 3 years.

Don’t make this advertisement model you guys are thinking about a obstacle either, don’t try to re purpose your existing infrastructure if the CEO or decision maker you have now hasn’t done something like this before… If I were you guys, I would try to also unify the categories and the workers within them to try to have them work together and bring a bigger value to the BUYER yet still please the seller’s compensation, maybe some incentives with shopping through a certain advertiser you can build a relationship with on fiverr. For example if I knew my 1 dollar credit on fiverr can buy me something at a cheaper price from an advertiser you did business with and that advertises on fiverr, as a seller I would shop at the advertiser you provided! How awesome is that! I would work harder and not be so worried about making my income go a long way because I would know I could save money shopping on fiverr for say a new computer or a new iphone. I think THAT would be a better advertisement model you guys can implement. Imagine this:

SELLERS! Now use your fiverr credit dollars to buy through our special advertisement marketplace! Shoes starting at $5 dollars only exclusively for FIVERR community! Shop at JCPENNY’s online through fiverr and get 10% off by using your fiverr credit.

THAT is something you guys should do, with that model you CAN NOT go wrong. You bridge the GAP between the large and micro businesses through advertising and bring value to the buyer, seller and yourself.

I understand the pressure that must be going on especially with a tech company trying to do something with itself and put itself against giants like eBay and amazon but in order for any of your ideas whoever you are that suggests them or how ever many, you must always remember bring VALUE to all three aspects to the model you are going to bring into the model that you are building within your BRAND, BUYER value SELLER value and Advertiser VALUE. ALL must be increased at the SAME time. If you don’t think my ideas are good, just go ahead and pick up the phone and call Jack Ma founder of Alibaba. They called him CRAZY when he said he was going to take on ebay. Tell him what I just suggested and see what he says…

You know why Mcdonalds decided to put people on their bag? Because they understand that its about people who love life. Not celebrities, not people in history, but people now. People is what makes all those companies, the value that everyone can bring to something, so I suggest when you think of building anything into’s marketplace community don’t just think about increasing revenue, think about bringing value to ALL the people BUYER/SELLER and FUTURE advertiser, because a seller on fiverr isn’t the same as an advertiser… so that they can be happy and LOVE being on Fiverr just like people LOVE to be on ebay and LOVE to be on amazon or Alibaba.

In conclusion, EVERYONE on fiverr has a DREAM. Buyers dream about getting what they need to grow what they do and maybe offer it on fiverr, or not, sellers DREAM about becoming top sellers, and fiverr needs to make sure to KEEP that DREAM alive especially if you decide to give sellers an advertisement model WITHIN fiverr. What about the little guy who doesn’t have the money? Just some things to think about. EVERYTHING YOU DO FIVERR.COM activities will be recorded in history and time and are you agile enough to get to the top with ebay amazon and others or are you going to be a case study of failure for others who WILL succeed? NOT changing and changing in the WRONG way are separated by very thin lines…


okay I don’t know what my picture came up twice and all big like that, sorry… anyways that’s me on the Mcdonalds bags.


nice to see you mc’s bags.


Reply to @abidagfx: Thanks, it was such an amazing experience and the Mcdonalds corporate employees were one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life.

Especially their marketing department, I can never play the monopoly game because I know how to win. lol It was amazing how they came up with that idea to put monopoly with mcdonalds and prizes, the main guy I forgot his name, I think it was Bryan, he had a dream about the monopoly man at mcdonalds or something, then he just made a phone call to get a meeting going and BOOOM they tied the game to the restaurant.

Absolutely NO marketing strategy at all. It all came from one of the main marketing guys having a dream about monopoly and mcdonalds.

Can you believe that? There are so many other stories about Mcdonalds I could share but most are top secret. :slight_smile: