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In the last 7 months I did not get one job, henceforth


In the last 7 months, I did not get one job, you learn some FIVERR learning strategies from your experience. I am a Professional Full-Stack Web Developer and WordPress Expert. I have 3+ years experience in this sector. But, Still, I am not getting orders From 7 month.


You can try reading through these tips to see if they help.


it’s so much sad , i think anything fault,contact customer support and ask them for your gig performance, and do huge gig marketing.


@paulmaplesden thank you for giving the Tips


do you have any mentor?


Check your gig performance with current trends search keyword. share your gig on social media, send every day 10 buyer request with the proper description that a buyer exactly wants.
Also, need to active up to 15 hours on Fiverr.If you can then active 24 hours.
Update your gig description once or twice every month.

Happy selling…


Unless you can drop some names(previous clients), your experience doesn’t matter much.
You’ll get a ranking boost when you deliver orders and get reviews. Reach out to your old clients and get them to order your gigs.


@dhruboi3x yes. do you know minhazul asif?


@web_coader tnx for giving the TIPS


On PC or is it okay to use the mobile app?


Hard harsh note : If you don’t get any single order in 7 months…that means you’re not serious about work or you don’t have skills. Even you don’t tried to learn by Fiverr channels, blog etc etc. :smile:

simply - you should leave rather than wasting your 7 month :wink:


Who doesn’t :slightly_smiling_face:
Chill bro take his lesson only


@fast_editing I am a professional Full-stack Web developer. having 3+ years experience in this field. I have complete 165+ projects (offline)


I just finished a topic about using your old clients to get your Fiverr business started.

Reach out to your old clients.
Do some projects for them through Fiverr and once you deliver some orders you’ll get a boost, reviews and others will see your gig value.


When you live in pc then you can active with pc but when you go out from home then you can active with mobile app