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In the past few days, I noticed my gigs only gain impressions at night at my place

Past few days I noticed that whenever I wake up in the morning, there is bit of increase in my gigs, but in the day there is not a single increase in it. Any specific reason for it? (G.M.T +5:30)


Probably because those stats only get updated by a process that runs once per day. So the increase in impressions isn’t when the impressions occurred but when the process that updated the figures completed for your gig(s).


Ok got it, Thanks for the answer, also can you suggest me ways to at least get my first sale?

I’d check the suggestions on the forum. eg. maybe send offers to buyer requests you can do well.

One of your gigs only has 2 search tags. I assume a few more might help it be found. Maybe adding more to some of the gig descriptions might help. Though I wouldn’t edit the gigs unnecessarily as it will remove them from the search engine for a bit/temporarily reduce impressions.

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OK thanks, I will look into it