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In the past week I've had 3 4.5 reviews that were all due to the app bug. Please fix this

3 times in the past 7 days I’ve gotten a 4.5 when it was supposed to be a 5 star review.
They left 5 stars on the app and it came out as 4.5 stars.

I hope this gets fixed. It’s terrible.

I just got this message from a buyer:

When I did my review I’m not sure why the rating dropped to three stars for communication. I selected 5. is there any way to edit the reviews? I want to be sure you get 5 stars! Thank you!!!

I was told by customer support that the buyer has to be the one to contact customer support when this happens. That’s not fair to the buyer or to the seller.


May be it is not a bug at all. Probably they just wanted to ensure that TRS float below the top surface.

Sounds dangerously conspiracy theory-ish…

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If that helps them to speed up the fix, good thing right :wink: