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In the past week


I have had 38 requests for me to do the homework of people.

Does nobody do their own assignments anymore?

I remember slaving away until the early hours on my assignments, now people think they can spend $5.00 and get all of their work done with references and stuff (often within 3 hours of the deadline)

It is getting annoying, because I have to respond to these people 24/7 to maintain my answer rate.


It’s that time of the year.

Maybe you can save “I’m sorry, but I don’t work on school assignments” as a quick reply?


Yeah. I have it now. It’s just the questions are coming in while I sleep. Means I have to wake up and say no.


I just say, “I do articles and blog posts only, sorry”


Sometimes they even ask me to do it for them.


Why? Answer them in the morning, or whenever you normally get up.


you can send them a message in the morning whenever you are free. response rate doesn’t effect at all in my opinion to the sales.


It’s even better when the students who ask for you to do their assignment and send the full project, complete with their professor’s name and contact information.


Customer support told me that keeping a decent average response rate is one of the ways to get my TRS back.


Yes, it is. I have contacted professors numerous times like that, then Fiverr told me I could no longer do it as it is contacting people away from Fiverr.


Average response time? Mine is 1 hour, and I sleep at night.

If you quickly answer all the messages during the day, you should be fine, I think.


Agreed! Sleep at night and as long as you’re quick during the day, your response time will be no more than 2 hours.


I get a lot of those requests too. Just this morning, I had someone email me their mineralogy take home final exam and ask me to complete the entire thing for them. Uh. No. Sorry. I had to slog through the class, they can too.