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In the Pursuit of Happiness

There’s so much anger, frustration, hatred and bitterness in the world. If you get caught up in the daily news cycle and get upset over random political events or have strong likes and dislikes, you will end up as a very sad person.

Stay away from the news, and focus on what makes you happy, whether it is gardening, cooking or watching sports on TV. Don’t get obsessed with making money, as long as you have enough to be financially independent, that’s good enough.

Don’t compare with other people, you will always be disappointed as there will always be people who are richer, better looking or smarter than you. Operate with a sense of detachment with the world, and yes, be self-centered, but in a good way, without causing any hurt to others.

Well, good luck!

As for me I am busy till July 7th/8th, after that I can relax, get a haircut, get an eye checkup start exercising, go to the movies, catch up on my reading etc. Cutting down work to a minimum after July 7th/8th. Will have a semi-retired life on Fiverr after that. Been fun, but I have to move on. Have made a lot of money over the last few years (by Indian standards), but have become very unfit. Have to get back my fitness, that’s my priority for the rest of 2016.

Well said. Let me add with this quotation: ˝Happiness is a state of mind˝.

Sounds good!! Enjoy the fruit of your hard work…

Agreed. The the pursuit of Peace and Happiness is better than the pursuit of fame and fortune. Enjoy getting your sexy back.

Well said, what you have just expressed is what a certain community in the world refer to as the awakening, you stop seeing the world from a “society zombies” point of view, it was hard because that’s how we were raised to see the world through constant brainwashing by the television and school.
but now you are free because you realize what was going on, now it’s time to do what you want, when you want, how you want and if you want! :slight_smile:

I agree with all you said about being detached from comparing with others, ignoring all the news which is bad, and focusing on what makes you happy. I love birds, animals and gardens so I spend time outdoors feeding animals and going to all the public gardens in town. I’m in my perfect world with never any bad thoughts when I’m doing
these things.

I’m happy to hear you will be cutting back and focusing on your health. I hope you continue to visit the forums. Your posts are intelligent and interesting.

I still wonder about the elderly veterinarian you mentioned-- it sounds like a beloved relative of mine.

Does your relative have an interest in golf and run golf websites?

I’m not sure actually. He was wealthy and lived on a beautiful river in Florida. He had had a huge modern animal hospital in Ft. Lauderdale before retiring. I had lost touch with him until finding out he was losing his memory totally. He recently passed away from Alzheimer’s disease.

True. We can choose to be happy, or we can choose to be bitter and resentful. It’s up to us.Nothing to do with how much money we make, etc.

I don’t think it’s him. Did he tell you about his Fiverr nick? My friend is probably in his 60s and very sharp.

Then it’s not him.

So many clients have become such good friends of mine. I will never leave freelance writing because it allows me to stay connected with them and do something to help them, in my own little way. Anyway, gotta go, have to write a 2000-word article for my German friend. I consider them to be friends, not clients.

That´s right Writer my man. (I only said ˝my man˝ because I remember what Alf said to Willy. In one episode he said ˝Willy my man˝ and I just like to copy Alf).

Some TV series?

Yes, one of my favorites. It´s a very old one. It is about a cute furry funny alien :stuck_out_tongue: and he liked to eat cats.

Here here :slight_smile: I am taking the next two days off to do nothing but hang out with my kids and I can’t wait!

The double-edged sword of working from home is that often work calls and it is just metres away, so it’s easy to just do this one quick job then comes an email, then something else catches your attention etc etc

Two days with no computer, no news… sunshine is forecast, I’ll do some photography with my son (sunrise over Sydney opera house if we plan it right) and many hours of swimming with my daughter in an awesome indoor swimming pool overlooking Sydney harbour, it will be bliss!

The election is happening here on Saturday, so if all goes well, we can let the whole thing go by and not be affected by the drama, find out who wins on Sunday and life will go on :wink:

I’ve made some lovely client friends here too and it is an awesome aspect of this place :slight_smile:

PS writer - enjoy your semi-retirement! Sounds like you’ve earned it :slight_smile:

Yeah, the Australian election…looks like the opposition will return to power this time.

Thanks :slight_smile: Some retirement I’ve got…14/15 articles a day till July 16 :smiley: Thought it would be July 1, then it became July 4th, then July 7th, July 10th, now July 16th. LOL.