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In the words of Gil Scott Heron, "I'm new here!"


Hi guys,

I’ve just joined via a referral to see what I can get happening. Ordered my first gig the other day and very happy. I’m struggling to provide feedback - the instructions to do so don’t seem to match my UI. I’ve looked around but I’m not finding the answers. If anyone knows or could at least point me in the right direction I’d be very glad. Thanks in advance


Check notification, click on the order and you will find where to give feedback of your order


Download the app and install it.
With the app, everything will be easy and you won’t need any teacher


I am working on a desktop. I don’t have the app

It doesn’t seem to be there on the desktop

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Click on message, you will find notification there. Like he said the application will be easier


Hi, I am also new on here.



Hi and welcome then

Enjoy :slight_smile: