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In this topic we joke about buyers and sellers

I do not sell computer generated reports, which is what you are suggesting when you say, “Get software” etc. Seeing how a company will do “stock wise” is not seen in the birth chart of the company - as in when the company started or opened its doors - it is the date/place/time of their first offering on the exchange. I know a few financial astrologers who are amazing at seeing how companies will fare. I guess its the old saying, “Why don’t astrologers/psychics etc just play the lotto - they should know the numbers already.” My mentor was actually an astrologer who mainly focused on gambling charts - choosing which teams would win, when to go to the casino, when to play the lotto etc. She was amazing! Now, you have to remember, NOT all clients have in their natal charts that they are going to win the lotto or win BIG at games of chance - so, even timing when they should pull a lever or go and gamble does not mean you will walk out with millions or even thousands.


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I have a zombie too from HongKong. I once sent him a message 3:10am in his own time and he replied right away. I was almost tempted to ask if he had a special alarm for my messages. But he’s really friendly and accomodating.

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that’s an exellent one :rofl:

:arrow_heading_up: Holy :cow:! My jaw literally dropped reading that!

OMG, yes the stigma that buyers have against getting Death in a reading is so upsetting. It’s actually really positive in most cases, and my favorite card, but it gets such a bad rep in TV and movies :skull: :black_heart: !

Sometimes I think that the misconceptions that a buyer has about what’s possible and what to expect is half the battle with Fiverr!

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The Busyman: only answers your queries mid-deadline with a long, single answer. Doesn’t show up by the end of the order and has the order autocomplete after three days.

The Torment: that guy who asks for fixes/revisions waaaaay too late.

On a side note, we also totally need a name for buyers who ask minimum budget jobs (5$) to yield in the fastest possible time (24 hours), like 5/24 Buyer, Code 524 or something like that. Not that they have an impact on anybody in the end, but still.


I’ve got one Torment, I delivered an intro made in after effect for a real estate business, then once order has been delivered, buyer has contacted me one month later to change background, so after 1 month I don’t have the after effect project anymore cause order has been delivered and I keep it max 1 week in case before to remove it but he was lucky that he wanted to change background that had 1 color so I could extract it and replace it from the video file…

I like The Zombie. I am a workaholic, myself.
Fiverr zombie for checking on the BR.