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In this way you can help each other promoting gigs

help me and others to promote their gigs. Don’t move ahead before clicking my gig

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Hi there @tabassumktk. Sorry, maybe I’m from another planet and don’t fully understand your title. But what way??

If people just click on your gig but don’t buy, it lowers your conversion rate, and it can put your gig lower in search, too.


Let me check: do you think that is clicking on your link gig will help you promote your gigs?

If so then I have very bad news for you. IT. WOULDNT. WORK.

It might actually hurt you because you will have a lot of clicks on your gig but no orders and your “conversion ratio” will be flashed in the toilet and that’s supposedly one of the statistics to take into account to rank your gig.


viewing each other gigs will increased gig impressions and it will be promoted up the order

Your Gig receives an impression when it appears in someone’s search results. It won’t receive an impression if I click on your link (it’ll receive a view instead).


No, it won’t be promoted in search. It will get a lower ranking, because to the system it will look like people do click on the gig, but then decide the quality is low and don’t buy.

Trying to trick the system doesn’t work. You just waste time that way.


Maybe. You’re like nothing I’ve ever seen on this one. :wink:

(If you want to get me back, do it in a PM. We mustn’t go off-topic!)

The OP seems to believe that if we click on their links, their Gigs will receive more impressions and enjoy better ranking. Sadly succeeding on Fiverr isn’t that easy. If it was, I’d create a post with my Gig links and a note saying, “Click here for free chocolate!” The million clicks I’d get would put me #1 overnight. (Half a million of those would probably be from @Maitasun.)

Stay on this forum long enough and you’ll hear all sorts of crazy theories regarding ranking. I truly believe there’s someone out there who thinks the way you put your jeans on in the morning influences search position.


Did I hear chocolate??? :star_struck: :yum:

I’m warning you, hold on 'cause you’ll be losing money. :sweat_smile: Now, I wonder if you would be as happy as the OP just having lots and lots of impressions but no incoming orders, though… :grimacing:

Yes, such as stating ad nauseam that staying active 24/7 or just SEO will rank gigs, and blindly thinking hundred of impressions will make buyers purchase whatever sellers are offering… :roll_eyes:


Not trying to defend anyone here, but since he hasn’t made a sale in 2 years, he has a 0% order conversion rate right now (so maybe he has nothing to lose right now :wink: ). It is not like it can go any lower (#RockBottom). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As has already been said, nope, it doesn’t.

Is that an order, Sergeant?

Edit: This post has been moved to a more relevant category. Thanks for pointing that out, @mariokluser . :slight_smile:


Impressions: Times your gig shows in search results
Views: Times your gig was viewed
Waste of time: Trying to manipulate these things to rank higher


This is a right thought about the share gig link.

Wow, one must be very desperate to try to trick the system with such time wasting, pointless and naive actions. Matter of the fact is that nobody with a clear mindset wants to work with desperate people.

The post is b.t.w. in the wrong category. However, have fun.


What a great idea to loose conversion rate!!!

What else is he to do, when he can’t draw his own gig images (even though he offers drawing storyboards), and takes them from the internet instead?


I’m surprised Fiverr even allowed the gig to be posted considering his gig images are promoting another website.