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In what dime Fiverr updates Gigs statistics? And what they mean?

Here is my gigs. There are “Impressions”, “Clicks”, “Views”. What they are specifically and in what time they update? 24 hours?
Thank you for your answers.

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Hi. I’m not sure how often they update, but mine has gone from green this morning (going up) to red tonight (going down) so this might be updated as frequently as every hour, or every 24 hours.

Impressions = how many times your gig has been shown in the search results.
Clicks = how many how clicked on your gig.
Views = how many people have viewed your gig.

You can check out your stats for a set period of time, for example the last 30 days, or 7 days, in your Analytics page.


I think they update at 00:00 GMT

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Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Yes you were totally clear.
Thank you:)