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In what format to send back and spine for album covers?

Hi there!
I’m a begginer seller selling 3d Abstract album covers. As you know , there is an option for booklet design and back and spine , I would like to know how are these things delivered on fiverr? Like do you make a flat image of the front on the right side spine in the middle and back on the left side (a single image divided in three vertical lines for front back and spine) or do you just send the “CD case design” you use to present. Also if you send flat image , why doesn’t it show anything like that in the “sold on fiverr” images?

So just to clarify my question , What is the “image layout” that you send your client a back and spine for album cover , do they specify dimensions? Or do you choose yourself?

Thanks alot!


Firstly, it’s a bit worrying that you are offering this as a service and then you don’t even know how to complete it. But, I’ll help.

The entire size should be 294mm x 125mm

This will be comprised of a 142mm x 125mm back, then a 10mm x 125mm, and then the 142mm x 125mm front.

I suggest that you consider if you should offer this service if you need to come to the forums asking how to do it.

Fiverr is no “get rich quick” scheme, if you don’t have experience in a certain field you shouldn’t really be offering it as a service.


Google the standard/most common formats for what you’re selling. Probably google a standard template as well.

Write in your gig description that this is what you’ll be delivering UNLESS specified otherwise.

Ask your every buyer to specify whether it’s a digital release or a physical copy. People order digital covers a lot these days and they like to assume that you understand it’s digital without specifically telling you that.

Ask every buyer to either confirm they’re fine with the standard that you’re offering or to send you a template from their printer of choice. - This step can technically be skipped if you like to reformat the entire artwork multiple times in case your buyer’s printer has a custom template.

Cool work, btw.

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My head was literally like “by the time I get a client I’ll have figured this out” , but you’re right , indod the wrong thing.
But I used the mentioned dimensions and made this rough cover , is this the EXACT layout you deliver the product? Also this makes for a weird pixel dimension : 2800×1366 , is this alright? Thanks for the help!

I don’t offer album design anymore but I used to, and this is how I would deliver for back and spine. So, your rough cover is exactly how you would be needing it. I do currently offer book designing, and this is the same layout I would use (but obviously, I would have different dimensions due to book sizes).

Some clients you have may want the album cover to be square, but by an industry standard they are 142x125mm (what I just gave you).


Oh alright! Thank you so much for you’re help! Now I know exactly where to head , goodluck and have a fantastic day!