In which category i can earn more money?


in which category i can get more orders and i can earn money easily…:thinking:


Web development & Programming


but…i dont know much about this field…i m a half software engineer…:expressionless:


Half software engineer !!! :wink: :smile:


I think Fiverr is not the place for you. Here you actually need to work for money :wink:


Waiting is the most important thing for seller. :slight_smile:


It is not the category that is important but your ability to deliver a professional service in whatever category. That is how you will earn more money!


Honestly, I despise this type of question from people.
It smacks of laziness and some crazy belief that they deserve to get money just by showing up.
Go learn some skills that you can sell and then come back.
And while you are at it, remove the gigs you copied from @rapidworks, @samumair and @cesardoreste.

I was going to offer some advice but seeing the above, I chose not to.


Thanks for the heads up, greatly appreciated.




Here’s an easy way to evaluate the potential income of a gig.

I searched “advice” on Fiverr. I got 1507 gigs in 9 categories. Then I click “best selling” and discovered that the #1 seller has 135 reviews. He offers legal advice. Ironically, his competition in the legal advice category is 45 other people. So he’s in a good place, maybe as Fiverr grows, legal advice will become more popular.

However, before you decide to offer legal advice, realize that you’re not a lawyer. What you could offer is legal research, but I don’t recommend it unless you’re passionate about the law or know a lot about it.

Fiverr works best when we do what we know. Of course, that doesn’t guarantee we’ll make a ton of sales, some categories aren’t popular. In “relationship advice,” the #1 person has 35 reviews. In spiritual & healing, I found one with 60 reviews.

Then I tried searching “instagram marketing,” I saw a guy with 531 reviews and a queue of 109. His cheapest gig features a 19 Days Delivery, which explains the long queue. Even so, it’s an amazing gig.

Of course, if you don’t have an instagram account, if you don’t know how instagram works, you can’t do that gig. What you can do is take free online courses and learn something you don’t know, or do what I do and focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

One trend I noticed is gigs based on TV shows. If you search Breaking Bad, you’ll find 9 results. The only problem is that the show is no longer airing, so there will be less people searching for it.

In the end, don’t approach Fiverr as a get rich quick thing. Fiverr is ruled by the rules of capitalism, supply and demand. If nobody wants what you’re selling, sell something else. You can keep low-performing gigs for a while, some gigs won’t make you rich but they’re fun to do.


@fastcopywriter I did exactly what you described just yesterday and made some minor tweaks to my Gig. Excellent advice. :+1:


I’m happy to hear that. Yes, minor tweaks can make a huge difference. Sometimes the solution might be in offering new gig extras, or not doing everything in the packages so people order gig extras.

The gig title matters as well. I used to believe adjectives like great, awesome, etc, would help us make sales. Now I think being descriptive matters more.

I will do a great logo
I will do a minimalist logo
I will design a minimalist logo in 3 days.

See what I mean?


@khannoumann Is gone already. I guess he did not want to work. Especially after you caught him copying other gigs.



I don’t despise it since I can understand why someone would ask it but it does show that the person asking is approaching this site the wrong way.

There are people earning HUGE amounts of money in all kinds of categories.

Graphic artists, writers, voiceover artists, animators all are earning over $100,000 if they are really good.

There are also people in those categories who barely earn anything.

So if you are good at what you do that is what you will earn the most money at.


However, that is not what the OP is looking for.
They want money for nothing, created gigs in categories which are supposedly easy to do and they copied the gigs of established sellers in an attempt to get orders. Why does logo design on Fiverr have a bad name at times? Because of people like this.


very trueeeeeeee :wink:


Cooooool!..i do graphic designs and i know how flooded this niches are. i can relate :slight_smile: