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In which countries fiverr use commonly

In which country Fiverr use mostly then another countries without U.S.A.


i think india also big too

Yeah But from india most are sellers I am talking about buyers.

It’s probably not shown anywhere exactly. Though you can look at stats from Alexa to get a rough idea (which could include buyers & sellers)

USA 27.3% of visitors
India 13.2%
Pakistan 10.5%
Nigeria 5.3%
Bangladesh 4.6%


And how about UK(United Kingdom) I think fiverr also use there commonly what you say.

Yes but it will be <4.6% of visitors to the site I assume (based on the Alexa data). Though different sellers probably get different percentages from different countries.

Though SimilarWeb gives slightly different figures and gives the UK 5.21% (of traffic by countries on desktop):

USA: 22.72%
Pakistan: 8.29%
India: 8.24%
UK: 5.21%
Bangladesh: 4.65%

Thank you sir for your help

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Buyers from USA. Sellers from India.

I am a seller from Bangladesh. I have just checked my world domination and it’s like below.

  1. USA
  2. Aus
  3. Can
  4. UK
  5. Ger
  6. NZ
  7. Spain
  8. Argentina
  9. Sweden
  10. Mexico
  11. KSA
  12. Others