In years to come.... (What will Fiverr look like?)


In 10 years what will Fiverr actually look like. How will we be viewing our gigs?

There are so many potential possibilities it will be interesting to hear everyone’s vision.

I can imagine we will have little lens in our eyes that will have the gigs there linked up to our brains!? Or is that crazy talk.

What do you think?


I would have been emerged as a Fiverr Super Seller… Like @oldbittygrandma This not a joke but My Aim…


I watched a interview with some visionary scientists the other day and one of the guys who is into robotic and technology was stating that this could be the next thing 10 years down the road.

I mean it would be like just wearing contact lenses. Crazy!


Ten years from now:

Fiverr = Fifty

OK, just kidding. Wait, am I? :))


It’s gonna be great when they take all this “automation” out of the mix and hire enough staff to monitor things on a human level. Otherwise , someone else will copy fiverr but with a much better business model. I wish fiverr the best but I’m not sure if they are gonna be top dogs in what they pioneered in ten years.

I heard on the news almost 10% of people are working from home now. With sites like this , I can see why.


Iparziale, as long as that isn’t “fifty-cent!”


Anarchy fighter - no lie!,


Reply to @lparziale: Haha!