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In your own perspective, what will happen to fiverr market place next 5 years?


Hi guys, i have a bad day today, to the fact that am not happy at all.
2 buyers purchased my gig past 2 and 3 months back and both of them give me 5 star rating, all of a sudden yesterday, both of them come and request for refund and fiverr give them the money back without any notification to me or interrogation.

I did a perfect job because both of them rate me 5 star, i don’t really understand what happened, after my all efforts i put on both projects, i don’t see my profit on this at all and i think some buyers are just coming to fiverr to scam sellers.

I don’t think fiverr market place will last longer if they continue giving %100 supporting to buyers, what about we that get the projects done?

Am confused and i may quit soon.


Personally, I think 5 years is too far forward to guess about Fiverr’s status. Companies that rely on the internet sometimes have to evolve and it can make them or break them, so Fiverr is walking the same tightrope as other young companies.

As far as Fiverr’s future, though, it seems fairly bright in the near future. Even though they have made multiple changes and decisions that are unpopular and even some that seem like poor decisions, they continue to thrive so far. Skilled sellers are not leaving in droves. New sellers are joining. Fiverr is working to get rid of the junk sellers that need to be gone. Overall it has been working in spite of many possible mistakes.

Few platforms offer anything even close to what Fiverr does, even with the broken bits. The platforms that are succeeding in the freelance market are also mostly bidding sites which makes Fiverr different. I hope that Fiverr doesn’t have to stick with some things they are doing (like very high buyer fees or cancellation problems) but they still seem to be doing well.

Buyers cannot cancel months after a delivery through any normal means. Your situation sounds like buyer chargebacks which is a different issue since Fiverr loses the money too. While changes would be really helpful to avoid chargebacks, that isn’t due to a lack of seller support.


Fiverr support will have to learn many thing and they should Act like support, If they wanted their future bright. Support means - support - No matter you’re seller or buyer. The fact is - Support do take any decision without inform the seller, They do inform the seller after their ACT. When seller asked to them about the reason. They said - We can not disclose as per integrity of their policy. If user want to know something, Support should be provide that details.If support don’t get improve - there is no bright future :smile:


So, we’ll check back on the forum post in time and see. So far predictions have been made for years about all the good sellers leaving and Fiverr going down. Year after year, Fiverr persists and there are still thousands of good sellers. (Setting alarm for one more year.) :slight_smile:


Okay, i heared all you said, there should be a way where buyer should not be able to charge back once the project was approved.

It’s really unfair.


Infact am really sad, this put my account balance negative and my order completion was dropped.