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Inablility to contact seller

Hi. Question. How do you know if you have been blocked by a seller? Im unable to contact my seller who hasnt delivered everything. The message in the chat says " username can no longer be contacted"…it then goes on to say visible to only you. I can also see that the person is online…did the seller block me?

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Usually seller can’t block an active order buyer, if the order has already delivered incompletely & seller blocked you then have to contact CS!

If it’s the one who left the review on your profile 2 days ago, it says that they’re no longer available (in other words, they were probably banned).

You can contact Customer Support with the proof of incomplete delivery and ask them for a refund. For future reference, never mark the order as complete before the seller delivers everything you’ve agreed on.

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Thank you so much for your response. You have made a valid point. Lesson learnt.

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Duly noted. Thank you for responding