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Inaccurate Delivery Times


I suddenly got a ton of things cleared off my schedule and lowered my gig’s delivery time from 14 days to 4 days in the “Edit Gig” settings because I’m now able to devote much more time to my Fiverr sales. However, I saw that my delivery time was actually displayed as 5 days on my gig page. Thinking this was a technical glitch, I contacted Fiverr support. As it turns out, the delivery time displayed on a seller’s gig page is not controlled by the seller at all. It’s a number assigned by Fiverr to reflect average delivery times.

Is it just me, or does this seem like a bad idea that doesn’t make much sense? In that case, what is the point of having the option of even selecting a delivery time when I edit my gig? Also, what if I had to take a break from Fiverr and greatly extend my delivery time? My gig page’s delivery time may be inaccurate, but that is what buyers would believe is my delivery time when placing an order. Likewise, if I suddenly got a lot of free time and wanted to offer 24-hour service to increase my sales volume (and make more money for Fiverr, too, via commission), buyers would never know because my delivery time would still be displayed as 5 days.

Additionally, I sometimes get orders that are huge, and the delivery time must be extended. I assume this factors into Fiverr’s averaging system, but it’s not accurate for the average order. Also, by not allowing a seller to and accurately show when a buyer can expect their delivery on the gig page, this ensures that the seller cannot convey important information to potential buyers and that buyers are left in the dark about actual delivery times before placing an order.

I assume that this average delivery time was assigned by Fiverr as a kind of quality control so that sellers couldn’t claim to offer speedy delivery times that they, in fact, cannot maintain. However, isn’t that what reviews are for?

What do you think about this? Any input to offer? I kind of feel bad for whining, and I don’t mean to seem overly critical because Fiverr has always been really good to me. But this seems to go against common sense.


You’re correct. However, in the meantime, potential buyers really have no idea what a seller’s actual delivery time is. I can see how this wouldn’t be helpful for the buyer or seller.


Really, what business does Fiverr have tampering with the conditions set by a seller in their gig description?


Thanks for the input! I guess this is still a mystery of common sense for me…