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Inaccurate Reponse Rate

Has anyone else had their response rate continue to drop even though every single message in my inbox has been replied to? Mine dropped to 88% so I have been extra careful… responding within an hour. And then I was rewarded by it dropping to 87%.

Is there any way to appeal if they decide to “demote” me at my next review (October 14th)?

= respone time

= response rate.

Two different things. All you can do is to ensure you respond to every message from now on to increase your rate. Somewhere along the way you didn’t respond to a message within 24 hours - spam etc?

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Yes, I know that response time and response rate are different, but since I am responding to every single message, I thought maybe increasing my response time would help my response rate.

All Fiverr cares about is that you respond withing 24 hours of getting a message. Responding within 24 hours to all of your messages will increase your response rate. Responding more quicky than 24 hours will not increase your response rate. It will only increase your response time. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you look at your analysis page, Respnse Time does not count toward your monthly evaluation stats. :wink:

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