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Inactive member in past. wrong member joining date

Its been 2 years that i have joined Fiverr. I have been its member since October 2018 but at that time i came online rarely. Moreover, I forgot my password of fiverr account and then i did not tried much hard to recover my password and join fiverr again. After 2 years, I somehow with a lot efforts i changed my previous password which i forgot and logged in again on fiverr with my previous account. Now, my account shows that i have been its member since October 2018 but its been 15 days i have properly joined fiverr.
I think this will affect my profile image on fiverr as the buyers will think i have delivered only 1 order yet.
what do you think?
Also check out my profile and gigs. You people are open to criticize me if there is any mistake in my gigs.

Please help me out and give me suggestions.


If you wanted to you could ask CS if you can close the account and start a new one.

These are my suggestions/comments for the gigs:

Gig: I will write an impressive job description for you
In the gig description:
“and ill write according to” could be “and I’ll write according to”

Gig: I will write an impressive product description for you
In the gig description:
“All i need from you” could be “All I need from you”

Gig: I will organize startup business plan, proposal
In the gig description:
“So, Here i will provide you” could be “So, here I will provide you”
“according to the packages choose by you” could be “according to the packages chosen by you”

Gig: I will write attractive resume, cv, cover letter and linkedin service
In the gig description:
“Here i am providing” could be “Here I am providing”

On the profile:
If the line of text under the user name is 2 sentences I’d add a full stop/period between them if it lets you.

Also the avg. response time of 11 hours might be lowering the chance of messages/orders.

If you’re not getting orders directly, you could send offers to buyer requests you can do well.


Thank you so much for your response. I will surely acknowledge it but I can’t close this account as this account has my earnings.

Keep active, Never loose your hope. Hope you will success

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