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hi hope you are fine.

I am member of fiverr since jun 2017. I created gigs but I become rarely online. now I come back to earn from fiverr. I have promoted my gigs. I got so many clicks but no order. I also update my description many time. i remain online almost 24/7 but still zero. I think this line “member since jun 2017” written on profile creating problem. what do you think? I am sharing links. please give me some suggestions.

check out these statistics

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You have asked before and been given lots of advice. Also I see that your recent delivery was 13 hours ago so business appears to be picking up.

Check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

Read, learn, and take action!

That is how you will get orders!

There is no other way! :slightly_smiling_face:


instructions are given about description. i learned a lot and also improve my description as well as seller’s info. I have changed my gig image also. but got still only one order after too many clicks then i thought may be “member since jun 2017” degrading my profile. isn’t it?

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You could create a separate gig for “photoshop editing” instead of having 1 gig for “photoshop+added quotes”.

In the photoshop/quotes gig, the basic package description says “I I” instead of “I”. Maybe change the packages that say “on 2 image” or “on 4 image” to say “on 2 images” or “on 4 images”.

yeah I am changing

have you visit my other gig.
what if a buyer want to edit and also write quotes. like my portfolio.

I will value your sugession.

now check I have change the apackages

I think if someone just wanted photoshop work doing, the quotes part of the gig may make them think that the gig couldn’t be used for just doing photoshop work. eg. they may not want quotes.

Maybe there could be 2 gigs, one for just photoshop work and one gig for if they want images (and photoshop work) with quotes (assuming that’s not too similar according to Fiverr rules).

now check…

That’s better. The premium one says “on 2 image” though.

ok I will create soon.

You could mention in your profile description that you have been away and have come back.

You need to follow the tips I gave you if you want to get more orders! :slightly_smiling_face:

[quote=“lloydsolutions, post:9, topic:292986”]
gave you
[/quote]yeah I am following

that’s awesome.

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@uk1000 @lloydsolutions :+1: :blush: :wink:

@zonnorainn I see you have improved your gigs and your profile. Nice! :smiley:

Keep up the good work and follow all the tips and advices uk1000 & lloydsolutions have given you. And pleaseeeeeee, don’t stay online 24/7 unless you really have a team. Doing so won’t ensure you sales but sickness, body needs rest and, most of all, sleep - specially night sleep.


hehehehe it is because of you @maitasun @robertking698 , @uk1000 I am very thankfull. I hope I will get order. actually @maitasun this is only my source of income. I have to give time right now.

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Over time, you will increase your experience and polish your skills. Work hard, improve your English and be patient, give time to time. You’ll get far, I know you will. :wink:

yeah I am improving side by side.

thanks for compliment

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Well said :grinning: @maitasun

improve your services name you are providing, and choose correct keywords