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Inappropriate behavior of the client

first inappropriate behavior happened when i delivered them the order and they were asking me to deliver it to them outside of fiver through zip file or google drive to which i refused because i had met all the requirements of the client and told them i will only deliver it in fiver
on which they asked for a revision in which it was stated to deliver the file outside of fiver
the behavior was inappropriate but i refused to which i delivered in fiver

and then after the delivery was done they started accusing me that i have copied the art from the internet
which is totally false
i told them i’ve used 3d elements and i have all the rights to use them in my work and concept artists used 3d base and it is a technique a lot of artists use and so it’s not a problem and they repeatedly accused me even after explaining several times
i told them it’s even written in wikipedia the techniques, i have used this a lot of times and the end result is what matters and all my clients are satisfied

This client have no further revisions, which means they are satisfied by the delivery but they keep messaging me calling me a scam and that him and his team are all laughing at me which is very inappropriate and rude behavior

i work hard and most of my clients are satisfied (4.9 rating and 140+ reviews) and it is not right for someone to call me a scam
this client certainly does not understands the techniques used in concept art and their behavior is rude now
plus the 3d elements i have used, i have all the rights to use them in my work and i make sure i work professionally and every thing i use in my art i have the rights to use them and i use a proper service for the 3d elements and pay them yearly and whatever elements i used i have full rights to use them but the client is not understanding and it’s only two elements in the illustration and rest of it is painted
he is just making a fuss now
i told them that i will not explain further and not to message me again and yet they still messaged me and said that i am taking stuff from websites

this is so wrong
i have contacted the customer support
what should i do

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Sorry to hear that you’re going through this.

Apart from outlining your side of the story to customer support, there is very little else that you can do. Hopefully the fact that your buyer wanted you to breach Fiverr’s terms of service (and you refused) will work in your favour.

Should CS rule in the buyer’s favour and your buyer leave negative feedback, don’t forget that you can leave a public response to such feedback.

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yeah they have marked the order complete (it’s been a day) and have not left any review
but they just keep messaging me calling me a scam even after explaining them politely a lot of times
i simply just told them in the end if i was a scam i wouldn’t be here for 2 years with this many satisfied clients
lets see what the CS will do

I had a similar experience about about three years ago. In my case customer support were very understanding - so I hope it will be the same for you.

From memory, buyers have 10 days from the moment they mark an order complete (or it is automatically marked as complete) to leave feedback. So just keep an eye on this.

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hopefully it’s gonna be the same
thanks a lot for your reply

so the customer support hasn’t responded to my ticket, meanwhile the buyer left a review and just now they have cancelled the order…still no response on my ticket though

really disappointed tbh

What was the specific message? Order canceled by buyer or canceled by support? If the former:

it was canceled by support

I have a different opinion ion this.
Of course there is a “technique” which I have a very low opinion of when you are merging art of other people to sell it.
Nowhere in your gig you mention that you are using elements from the internet. You actually make a point to tell your client that you will “paint” any kind of illustrations. That is basically lying to your clients. They expect original art and you deliver a merged art of other people. On top of that you sell commercial right for it and you can’t do that on the art That is not yours.


that’s the whole thing i have not merged any one else’s art and made a new art out of it and that’s where that client and you are getting it wrong

i’ve used 3d element and other than that 90 percent of the painting was painted by me and

this was the 3d element i used…other than that the whole painting was painted
and i’ve not just taken this 3d from internet like some website or someone’s else art
it’s a proper service whom i pay 250$ per year so that if sometimes i had to speedup my work i can use the 3d elements to speed up the workflow and that i have the commercial license (you can see in the picture bottom right) to use it
and so that no copyright issues occur for the client
i don’t know how using one or two elements can disregard the whole 80 percent or 90 percent painting that you’ve actually painted

and you might have a low opinion of this matte painting technique…i’ve learned and taken classes from one the top concept artist of the world like wootha richard, john j.park and they have worked on movies like Rango, Transformers 4, Maze Runner, Godzilla, Paranormal Activities, Spider-man 2, Hieroglyph, War of the Planet of the Apes, Dumbo, Star Wars – Rouge One, Battle Angle, Ad Astra, Deadpool, Avatar Sequels (2,3,4,5) and they regularly use the technique when you have to speed up the workflow
and it’s widely used in the industry when you have to give detailed concepts fast
i don’t even use this technique most of the time
only when i have to speed up the workflow or when the clients asks for too much revisions (which was the case for this client he kept making new changes and adding new)

yeah but i will add matte painting technique and using 3d elements in the description of the gig that is something i am gonna do now…from what i’ve learned from this experience

It’s a common matter that buyer behaviour is not appropriate sometimes.