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Inappropriate behaviour and slander from buyer

Other sellers be advised not to accept proposals from this person:*********

All the work was done according to the provided specification and very professionally as always which is confirmed by many other clients. This person slandered the brand with 1 star review. He even threatened not to pay for the work.
This buyer was already reported to the Fiverr for inappropriate behaviour and slander. Hope this helps other sellers to avoid problems.

Mod Note: Username removed. It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller.

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This person defamed our brand. We are not talking about nation or race.

Dear moderator, this person left negative review on our profile which is total slander of our name and reputation, and we are not anonymous, therefore, we demand justice.

What your trying to do here is against the rules. The forum is not the place for justice. You already contacted support it sounds like. Wait for their reply. Aside from that, respond professionally to the review explaining the situation and people will understand. You can overcome one bad review.


Sounds like you’ve already presented your case to CS. The users here are Buyers & Sellers, nothing much we can do here. Just wait for CS to reply back and express your grievances.

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