Inappropriate messages


I would like to ask about something if someone sent me an inappropriate message and I report the message do I have to reply back before reporting to keep my response rate from dropping down.


I think so. I always reply. Laconic answers. “No, thank you”, or “No can do”, etc.


I just say no and then the report button.


I also got it, and I thought it was weird for them want to have one on one live session outside Fiverr. And when I explained that they can hire me without being available online, they messaged me that it’s not against Fiverr and wished me luck?

M I missing somethging?


Yes, otherwise your response rate will get a hit.
Reply that you reported them :wink:


You know we have a :middle_finger: emoji.
I am sure this is why it’s here to avoid response rate in these cases.

I don’t know you guys but i love my answer :smile: