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Inappropriate Review - Sellers do have absolutely NO support


I am really dissapointed about how fiverr is treating me as a seller. I delivered an order a 100% correct. i delivered in time, advertised quality and everything else exactly as stated in the gigs description. Now the client just didn’t like it. Complaining that it isn’t HD Quality and so on.

Everything that he mentioned is actually wrong. It for example is HD Quality and delivered exactly as described. EXACTLY!

Now i received a 1 Star Review which simply is a joke and absolutely inappropriate. If a buyer request stuff that simply isn’t offered. For example a modified length of effects and stuff. Shouldn’t we as sellers have the right to deny the changes fore services requested that aren’t offered?

I have contacted the Support team and got notified that they can do absolutely nothing for me. This simply isn’t fair! Why are we left alone? If that are the rules buyers can pressure sellers just as they wish! I mean if the description of my gigs doesn’t matter at all… buyers could also request to get a spaceship built. Cant they? :slight_smile: This is terrible ! Its two parties that earn fiverr money. The buyers AND the sellers. So why don’t we sellers have support when we need it?

And just to mention… Last week i received my first bad review out of hundreds positive…
I was late on delivering. And it was all my fault. It would be the last thing i complain about. This was an appropriate review which i deserved.

But this last case is just a joke!


You do have the chance to politely respond to your clients feedback and explain the situation. Paying peanuts for a video service and leaving a 1 star feedback just because of his own stupidity, is just weak. Every sane person can see that your previous feedback has been all good, that you work as a professional, and that this one person was just being an ass. What’s embarrassing, is that his name and photo will now stay forever in google. Would not want to be in his shoes, hah.


i really think about quitting. I really invest a lot of time to make every order great. but there should at least be a little support for sellers. so sad! i think it shows how much they value the job i’ve done the last two years. stuff like that really su…


You have 2 negative reviews, it’s not a big deal and not worth worrying about.
The reality is that this move by Fiverr has been brought on us by sellers giving refunds to get a review changed or removed. That costs Fiverr money and I guess they are taking action on it.
What this will do is make reviews more believable, obviously in your case it may be wrong but by stopping refunds and cancellations it will make the site better in the long run as the rubbish sellers will soon be buried.
I actually think Fiverr are just being inundated with “please remove my bad review” requests at the moment and the policy is to say no to them all. This is because all sellers who used to cancel instead of keeping a negative review now send a ticket to CS to beg them to remove it. At some point it will calm down and I believe they will start looking at unfair reviews again.
Im obviously speculating here but it does Fiverr no good to allow unfair negatives either, especially against excellent regular sellers, such as OP. It’s for this reason I think they will start handling them again and we just have to be patient while the system starts to get rid of the rubbish.


It can be a useful idea for Fiverr to give feedback removal perk starting from, say, level 2. At another freelance platform such a perk can be used once in three months/once in 10 orders.


I wonder how many bad reviews are legitimate, and how many are undeserved.

We know there are a small number of buyers who simply love to post a bad review for personal reasons having nothing to do with what they received. I can understand why fiverr would like to never be involved in mediating reviews as this can’t be fun for the staff.

I like the idea of statadvice above to have feedback review or removals for level 2 and above.

There was apparently a big problem of sellers who routinely give refunds and always do inferior work so maybe this new policy will help weed them out.

OP I see a review that says unacceptable experience. It’s not usual to see that since usually they do give some reason when leaving a one star review. It’s not the end of the world though and lots of sellers continue on getting sales and progressing in spite of these.


You’re a perfectionist, that’s why you’re upset. You need to understand that reviews on the internet are used by consumers to make a confident purchasing decision. They will weigh your good and bad reviews. Fortunately, Fiverr gives Sellers the chance to post their side of the bad review. This tips the scale in our favor. As long as you’re paid I wouldn’t worry about the occasional “creep” who posts a bad review. Keep up your good work.


I think there should be at least report review option.


Unfortunately, there will always be a raging river of “unscrupulous” Sellers and “Buyers” entering and leaving Fiverr. I agree that Fiverr should not remove bad reviews. I just wish Fiverr would provide a Buyer’s history so I can see who is notorious for ripping off Sellers.


As far I am concerned, I really do not care about bad reviews… (I hardly get bad reviews)… The few ones I have presently, are simply based on buyer’s insincerity. In fact, the last negative comment I got was changed to positive by the buyer himself. Let me explain what I did.

After delivering his order. He requested for a modification. What was it? That I should use another script and another voice, entirely different from the original order. I stood my ground and told him to place another order. He refused to do so. Instead he gave me one star and unsatisfactory comment. Then I responded with my own comment, explaining, as briefly as possible, why the buyer gave such a comment.

Guess what he did, he changed his comment, and rated me 5 stars.

So, my advice, don’t ever feel disturbed over a buyer’s remark. Yes, good remarks are very vital. Still, expect a few monster comments.


I’m in the same mess. I have a client that is verbally insulting my articles calling it garbage and that it was clearly written overseas. He’s asking for it to be canceled and this isn’t fair. I worked hard on his article and I’m not going to be bullied into accepting the cancellation on work I already delivered.

I’m sending him a revision and if he doesn’t accept it then I will swallow the bad review.


You can tell him that if he leaves a bad review a new policy says it will stay there even if he gets a refund to it is not advantageous to him to simply leave a bad review expecting a refund from you.