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Inappropriate spam messages

Hello everyone!

So I have received recently a message from a buyer who was asking for something inappropriate thing in the messages (pictures) and I have already blocked him and reported him to fiverr.
The next day, he created multiple accounts and started sending me more messages as someone who wants some work to be done, and when I replied it turned out to be he was the same person !
And the funny thing is, he found my facebook and texted me there too from a fake account, and I truly don’t know what to do with him.
Actually it’s so funny and I can’t stop laughing how could someone be that insisting on keeping sending messages over and over waiting for a reply !

Did someone face the same thing before here ? And if it’s yes, what did you do ?

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I’m afraid a lot of the female sellers have dealt with that to some extent, but when it goes to your personal social profiles for me is no longer only a Fiverr issue.

I know @cyaxrex have wrote a very good topic on how to handle when people start harassing you but I couldn’t find the topic.

More recently there’s also this topic: Pals who have been harassed by men - please get in touch with me

But if you use the search I’m positive you’d find more people that faced the same issue.

You’ll be able to find better advice then I could ever give you about this issue, but for now just make sure not to entertain the creep…as soon as you find that’s them, just block and report his profile.

If you can proof it’s the same person it may be worth going to Customer Support with that.

Good luck!


Just don’t respond and block him.

Hiya, I’m involved in a police investigation about a very similar issue, and there is a chance this might be the same person who has been harassing me. If you feel comfortable, please send me a message so we can chat more about this. Also take screenshots of EVERYTHING because as soon as their accounts are deleted, the messages will disappear from your inbox.

The fact is he never stops, he just sent me another message RIGHT NOW from a new fake account.