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Inappropriate Videos Showing Up In GIG Gallery Help!

Hi Fiverr’ss
Anyone else have completed video work showing up in their gallery?
Because I have not asked the buyer if its ok to display their completed work.
It seems you cant edit these in the gallery.
Not only that they are inappropriate and have web site addresses in them!!!
Totally against there own TOS.
Is this a new roll out? How do you change this

Tis the way things have always been… :frowning:

You can only edit your gig gallery if you are a Pro. Alternatively, you can switch it off directly. I used to deliver videos I didn’t want to appear in my gallery as regular message attachments in advance of deliveries, Now that can get you banned for misusing the delivery button. :frowning:

You might want to try uploading a place holder video first, followed by your regular delivery upload in future. (Both as part of the same delivery). The first video will be the one which shows in your gallery. Just remember to do the same if your buyer asks for revisions etc.

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Totally! Not only that my first video to show up has a spin the bottle scene.
A new buyer might run a mile seeing that out of context.
The other has an unfinished project on the buyers side.
They are blocking users accounts for doing the same thing ,… CRAZY

I just checked. That is indeed an awful video.

You could try fibbing to CS and saying that your client would like it removed. Maybe in your case, look for some fancy generic stock footage you can copy all your voice overs to prior to delivery. Something swirly like the old Windows media player background would work nicely to turn on a few customers’ nostalgia buttons.

It’s got me all wound up. Some have swear words in them. If they show up I will have a conniption fit!

I’m tempted to order your VO gig for my answer phone message. Someone keeps trying to call me from Guam. I thought a nice firm British F-OFF would finally give them the message, Sadly, as things are, this could also completely kill your business. :frowning:

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Ha, I turn down offensive material.
But some does has inevitable harsh words.