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Inbox Bug.Messages are not being sent (FIXED)


Whenever i try to send a message to my client It reloads the page and Nothing Really Happens.For example when i type “Hi” to my client and click send It reloads but the new message is not there.Only Previous Messages are being shown. Is this a bug ?


happens same to me though


I think this is a Bug


same here bro. i think its bug.
do you contact customer support?


Yes, i did.Hopefully, they will fix it ASAP


This looks like a temporary server issue with Fiverr.
Users are not even able to deliver their orders at the moment.
This should be fixed by Fiverr in next few hours.


Facing the same problem.
How to fix it ?


I thought i was only one experiencing this. Glad to hear that i am not the only one


Fiverr will fix it. Just wait


experiencing the same issue


Same issue with me I hope fiverr solve this issue.


Congratulations Guys. Fiverr fixed the issue.Clear your caches if the problem still persists


Same problem.
Also Can’t deliver orders.
I am late on two orders now.


had the same problem but i think its settled now as i just sent out replies to some messages


yes its perfect now.