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Inbox error

hi when i send inbox to someone it told me

For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly any one know why

Reply to @madmoo: i’m inbox with someone who don’t have any gig and i try many and many ppl same problem not only 1

Reply to @goldenpharaoh: Sending unsolicited messages to “many and many ppl” is called SPAM, and it’s not allowed by Fiverr.

The only messages that should be sent are:

  • A buyer that messages a seller regarding seller’s gig
  • A seller that answers a buyer’s inquiry
  • Messages needed to complete an order
  • In some cases, a seller that communicates something to previous buyers.

I’m not spaming i mean i try to send with many and many diff. ppl and it doesn’t work thats what i mean i only want to send 1 inbox to someone

Even sending 1 message is spam if it is not for the reasons listed by @belengarcia.

Reply to @landongrace: what spam i mean i want to send to someone a inbox he didn’t have gig cuz he stoped them i try to send to many ppl to see if the problem only with him or with all and it gives me this message with all

Try to send me a private message and see if it works. I won’t consider it spam. :slight_smile:

If you are sending messages to many ppl that is spam, unless it is about buying a gig from them. This may be the reason you can’t send any more message if someone reported you for this.

Reply to @misscrystal:i don’t send inbox only for mini in my first day asking for tips and they answered me without prob. i talk with customer supp and they told me it could be technical issue and they will solve it

Reply to @goldenpharaoh: There is no valid reason of any kind to send inbox messages to anyone unless you want to buy a gig from that person. Period. Even if Fiverr does resolve any technical issue, if you message people to ask for tips or anything else you may be blocked.

Reply to @goldenpharaoh: Usually the user no longer exists. If you are constantly having this issue it could be a bug, try a different browser and/or contact @support