Inbox Glitch


Is anyone else having issues with their inbox? Mine says I have an unread message but when I access my inbox it claims there’s nothing there, yet the notification isn’t going away.

Anyone know how to get in touch with IT? All I can find is the search engine to answer common questions, but no direct contact us link?

Lol. One day I’m not going to be so new at this.


Thank you! =)


YES! I have been experiencing the same bug for about a week now, customer service hasn’t been able to fix it. I think it’s due to them auto blocking spam and us deleting it without reading the message, that’s the only thing I can think of it? It’s annoying to say the least! :frowning:


That doesn’t work for me, I have my browsers set to auto delete cache, even tried it manually but nada, nothing seems to work! :frowning:


tried on 4 different browsers and it even does it on the mobile app, it’s def a glitch they need to fix.


Gosh darn it, it didn’t work for me either. Lol. I even got a message from tech support that they fixed it, and it was as of last night, but now today I logged in and here it is again.

I think you’re right, its a repercussion of the system. I just always check my e-mail now cause I’m paranoid there will be an actual message in there. Lol.


I’ve wondered if its the mobile app that’s causing this problem. At least with mine, it’s always delayed for news, my computer is more on point.


Yeah they’ve given up with me it would seem, all they do is keep resetting my response rate but this inbox message bug is still their and doesn’t seen to be going away anytime soon, hopefully they do some updates soon that fixes it but until then, the notification will always been on and that phantom unread message will seem to be in my inbox! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you nailed it r3k0d3d… It must be the spammed messages getting turned invisible and thus dropping our response rate… also probably causing a drop in gig visibility and the like…