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Inbox Is not sending to my clint

Hello everybody,
I got a problem, One client message me, But i can’t reply him via message. Showing that option‘’ Create an Offer “, this user may not be contacted directly.” what can i do,
please help ne

Have you tried contacting them through the order page?

no sir i did’t . what can i do now

Click on the “unspam request” (or something similar) near the message. Then you’ll be able to contact that person I think (assuming they’ve not blocked you).

I had the same issue. What is the best solution for that? :worried:

Is there an “unspam request” option near the last message from the user and if so have you clicked on it?

Yes. But can I know why fiverr got this messages as spam?

They might have sent the same message to multiple users.

Thanks! @uk1000 :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

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Thank you Sir.
If you don’t mind Can you give a image how to do that please for me. I don;t find it on my massage

mam Is your problem is ok now?

It may be in your case if you’re seeing “may not be contacted directly” (ie. and there’s no “unspam request”) that (unless it is because they blocked you?) the user did something to get their account in trouble (eg. violating one of the terms of service/spamming). Their account may not be there any more or they may be suspended or something.

I see a message “[user name] may not be contacted at this time” in the inbox for a user who no longer exists on Fiverr.