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Inbox is not working

my inbox is not working what’s the issue evry one face this issue



WHY ???

10000 billion messages and official announcements that system is going to be down for fixes and updates and you create new topic??

panic start now

the fiverr announce the date of mantinence which is not today

Maintenance is time when they going to fix all, it is not time when the system is going to have problems…

So system has problems for 7 days now, one by one thing is crashing… slowly all is going to crash.

Because it’s going to be down on Saturday and Sunday and today is Wednesday.

People do understand that major updates cause major bugs, but if the maintenance planned on Saturday-Sunday, most of the sellers doing their best to deliver orders before weekend. Messaging bug creates a lot of troubles and it’s really not planned thing.

Now, This is routine of fiverr.
All day having trouble with many bugs.

I am getting this same issue

I know, I understand, I am in the middle of the order too and I want to make delivery and get paid. I am just going crazy with every single user opening a new topic on the literally the same thing. "Is my Inbox only, are my views only… use the search, use google use IQ use something.

I am getting this same issue, can’t chat with a customer

…take a quick look at the forum and join one of the already existing topics. 10 at the moment.

Same problem here, messaging isn’t working at all :frowning:

My buyer is waiting for my msg, even I am not ablt to send msgs on order page, Fiverr r u serious?

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Same here. It seems you can’t even give reviews either.