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Inbox issue-- can't see incoming message!

Hi, I have an open support ticket about this, but it is an urgent request, so if someone from the technical team sees this, please please please look into this.

I have a buyer that has ordered from me before, they sent me a message today and when I hover over the ‘inbox’ heading I can see the first few words as a preview, but when I open the conversation there is NOTHING there.

I am convinced they can’t see my messages I send to them as well, as there has been no further responses despite this being a RUSH project needing to be done. We essentially can’t see or read any messages being sent to each other.

there is a current thread also complaining of this issue:


Hi @leahemme,

I don’t have any specific help to offer, though I have experienced an unusual lack of messages in the past few days and then today I got several. Of course, that could be normal ebb and flow.

Is this definitely happening to you with only one person? Can you send and receive other messages? I ask because I’ve had messages flagged before due to a buyer writing “contact me” (not even a red box flag phrase) and for a few hours I didn’t even realize Fiverr had blocked all my incoming and outgoing messages. I had to contact CS to get my inbox back.

Hmm I never considered the buyer might have written something forbidden causing THEM to be the one flagged. Definitely possible!

So far this has only happened to one of my buyers today, so this must be the case… I’ve been in such a panic that I created this thread and I didn’t even think of this. Customer support luckily responded to my ticket within 2 hours, so just waiting for another update as they said they are looking into the other user.

thanks for the insight @fonthaunt ! I feel somewhat relieved now, as I’ve been blocked before due to word slip ups, and eventually it was resolved, so hoping this was the case and the messages come through! This buyers is literally my biggest buyer so this whole day I’ve been dreading that they think I’m a flake for not responding since they always order rush projects.

I had just thought it was a glitch because I could see 10 or so words in the preview before I clicked on the conversation, and then once I clicked on it and opened the conversation, saw that it had disappeared.

Exactly, I’ve had a similar problem - preview message - no message in inbox (order thread)

I don’t know why, but it seems as though I haven’t had this issue in the last 2 weeks.

:bulb: Joe

Hopefully CS can straighten yours out, @leahemme. Could be the same issue as @thecreativeguys or might be different. I know that Fiverr has been really tough on messages lately. Even things that don’t outline the box in red can result in a temporary hangup. I’ve been unable to give links to buyers, even links to other Fiverr sellers that I think might be able to help them. Those get flagged as a ToS violation so I now have to just tell them the username.

I know I’m not the only one whose been flagged for me or the buyer writing “contact me” or “contact us” even though that phrase doesn’t trigger the red box either. If it is just that, hopefully CS can fix it for you. I’ve become doubly careful what I write in messages and I caution my buyers about what can get the conversation shut down. Best of luck!


I don’t believe it has something to do with “flagging” - The issue I had was via the notification bar. It’s not like a message doesn’t come through. What happens is a notification would come through, but it won’t be there on the order page. So essentially, it would show a “preview” of the paragraph with no paragraph present.

I’ve never had an issue with messages.

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Yours might be totally different. Of course, @leahemme’s might be too. I can only give info on what happened to me, and it might help someone. :slight_smile:

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I just left it though - hoping for the best!

Thanks for your help thus far :wink:

:bulb: Joe

This might not help but I think you should try clearing the cache of your browser or try from another web browser :slight_smile:

I tried that a few times already-- still no sign of the message showing up. And still waiting for customer support too… :confused:

Same problem happens on me specially used Mozilla Firefox… now i am using Chrome and feel better…

Very :bug:Buggy, indeed.

I just encountered this lovely message, when I was trying to reply to a query.

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