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Inbox issues - Can't see incoming message

Today (08.14.2019) I noticed that my incoming messages are missing. I can see only the attachment. Also, I did not get any email as previous days. In generally when customer sends me a text I got an email too. But today when I logged in to Fiverr I noticed that I have inbox notification and I merely saw the message. But when I click to get into conversation window I saw nothing. Just attachment. I again asked from the customer to send me the same message, I got the notification but it’s not in our conversation box. Having the same issues? Reply here. Thanks.

My be your client wrought something that fiverr didn’t allow to. Fiverr mark some message as spam. That’s why you see the blank conversation. But it’s good for you.

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@kawsaradi Thanks for your idea. I never thought about that, but I can see his attachment which looks good. His account is also looking good. I have requested CS support let’s see what will happen.

If fiverr disable some messages then it’s good to leave that as it was. If you unhide those messages fiverr will count your activity as against their rules. You will not get warning but still I suggest that not doing anything like this.

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@kawsaradi Thank you very much. I’ll keep in mind.