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Inbox message issues


Fiverr is currently experiencing some issues loading inbox messages for some users. Thank you for your patience while we resolve this issue.



And one of my client is just pinging and pinging i pray his side get effect as well… LOL


When will it be fixed? I have an order that should be delivered on August 10 and i’m waiting for my client’s message to work on his website. Will it be resolved before this date?
Thank you for informing us.


Looks like we’re coming back now, but still not at 100%. Removing the message from the banner since it’s not effecting all users anymore.




How is going with the issue? any new news?


Its seems like messages are getting back to normal state… Good luck fellows :slight_smile:


Hi, it seems that the issue with the dashboard is still there. Delivered orders are still visible on the dashboard.


Thank you for the update!



Please stop thanking people on all these old threads as I have counted at least 3 or more you have done this to. This does NOT help you or your gigs.


Do we have option to setup old inbox setting…


will i send my personal portfolio link to buyer through fiverr messages?