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Inbox messages are taking almost two hours to appear

I have asked several people if they are seeing messages I am sending them and they are reporting that it takes one to two hours from when I send a message before it shows up in their inbox.

I was wondering why I was not getting any replies to messages I sent and so they reported this to me.


I’ve been told that I am one of the ‘this seller is unavailable’ people. I’ve also noticed a steep decline in messages and replies after buyers initially message me. Don’t worry. I’m sure Fiverr will have everything back to normal by 2027. :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed I would get a message (no notification) and then 2 hours later they send me a NEW message and I get a notifcation for that!

I was told that people get an email that I sent a message but the actual message takes two hours to appear in the inbox. Also I answer a question immediately someone sent me and then no answer. This has gone on all day.

It may be possible that Fiverr is doing that with us selectively because we are complaining on forum, right?

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I’ve stopped complaining just in case. Fivver is good, very good. :angel:

Yeah… But that Fiverr place… :slight_smile:

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Maybe I’ve run across a bevy of liars then today. :lying_face: People have been acting strangely.

It makes a big difference in how people treat you or what kind you get when your gigs lose their ranking and get hidden in the back pages as mine are now. :clown_face:

I keep getting people asking for everything under the sun that have zero to do with what my gigs offer. That’s something recent. Maybe they need :eyeglasses:

At least they are not ordering and doing that.


I’m actually shocked by how many people are becoming antagonistic in inbox messages. I keep getting waves of buyers asking for vague services or “exceptionally high-quality” work.

Vague buyers get a thorough pre-prepared questionnaire which makes it easy for them to state their brief. (Rather than just say: “I want content.”)

People asking for ‘spectacular videos’ get a polite reminder from me to view videos in my portfolio to familiarize themselves with my style. In both cases, I get either no reply or random “?” and “Can you do it or not?”

These are not the buyers I was receiving at the start of this year. I couldn’t make it clearer what I offer or make it easier for buyers to state clearly what they want. Sadly, this seems to offend people. I’m not complaining, though. I’d rather not have these people place orders with me.


I’m getting some very demanding messages too. It’s so odd. After being here so long, you notice these changes. It’s just been the past few months and it’s increasing.

I blame it on all the new sellers who do what I do and have no idea how to do business. :new: They literally say or promise anything to everyone.

Oh man, same! I had some guy wanting me to call his wife up and pretend to be a receptionist. He wanted me tell her that he paid rent when he really didn’t. I was like… Dude, you’re old enough to be married, you should be old enough to talk to your wife!


That’s so sad that someone would want to hire someone to lie to his wife. Although I am not surprised, based on the messages I get.

Yup, it was super weird and sad. I hope he somehow manged to tell her the truth.

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I got one sometimes, asking me to check his wife facebook account. He wanted to be sure whether he’s wife was seeing someone, and that I should check her Facebook page for her recent pictures. I was like, I don’t offer such services here on fiverr.

Lots of messages about people wanting things to check their wives here too.

I get those who want to trick their wives. No idea why they contact me about that.

Alas, if only I knew that I could hire people on Fiverr to check up on my wife. Maybe that way she wouldn’t have escaped and changed her name to Brian.


This is why I refuse to use social media. It makes people hyper paranoid and unstable. I have a friend who has called the police twice on her ex because of (non-inflammatory) FB posts he posted about her. The worst thing is, she still seems to think there is a chance they will get back together.

People + Social Media = Brain Death

Every day some distraught person contacts me about a photo they saw.

I have been facing issue from last 6 hours but now I guess all is okay! The messages appeared on APP but on opening disappeared! But I guess its okay now