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Inbox messages I send are disappearing, not going through, also on order pages

I see that messages I’m sending in the inbox are disappearing as well as messages I send in the order pages.

Make sure you go back and check to see if your order deliveries went through as well as any other messages.


… and it’s not even Sunday, yet …


I just rated a buyer and even that didn’t go through. argh!

they need to solve this problem permanently . :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m putting a timestamp here to show when exactly this bug is happening just in case something bad results from it:

Thursday, May 7, 2020 4:57 P.M. Eastern time, has been happening for the past 30 minutes at least.

So far my deliveries seem ok but to have messages I sent on the order pages disappear as well as the buyer review… yikes.

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I almost blocked someone who messaged me and sent an odd file without any message until he messaged me again saying he sent a message but it’s not there now.

Sometimes if you send the message and let the page opened for like 20 minutes, this can work. Of course we need a effective solution for those problems.

It’s now about 3 hours from when I first noticed this. Has anyone tried in the past hour and had it happen?

I can send messages again so far.

same issue i faced with one of my client she was asking for file again and again ,but i already sent her twice and thrice, i sure she got disappointed because she may thought that i am ignoring her, i sure i want to take bad rating because for bug issue ,fiverr should inform every client via notification for this issue so they can understand whatever we are facing!!


why fiverr costumer service is not replying of any of my eamils??

Yes, it happened with me 2 days ago! I almost spam my buyer, the message was not sending but after 15-20 minutes, all message has been delivered. :slight_smile:


Yep! Made me feel like I was harassing my client with an offer. It sent like 5x in a row before it actually showed me that it sent :neutral_face:. #Embarrassing :sweat_smile::joy:


Happened to me too yesterday…