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Inbox Messages In Orders

I’m not sure if the ranting pot is the place for this, but I am a bit miffed about a new feature. I understand WHY they did it, but it still doesn’t make total sense. When you and a prospective buyer have been talking, going back and forth about a particular project, and they finally order, the inbox message is also in the order’s requirement box.

This is great, BUT, my problem stems from the fact that I have many repeat buyers who contact me by message first and then order. What’s happened is that ALL the messages new and old come up in the new order requirements section.

When I first saw this, I was a bit miffed because I couldn’t find the file I needed. I started to panic. Then I realized what Fiverr had done. I have one buyer who’s been ordering from me since end of 2011… Am I going to see ALL his messages in the order requirements now?

That’s kind of stupid!

What do ya’ll say?!


Does not make a difference. Just ignore the inbox within the order page and use the usual inbox as always. [I have a couple of clients like that - one orders $10 every week and the other $50 every week. Been around since I started, May 2014. :slight_smile: But they don’t leave reviews. That’s the only bad part. Never mind. ]

Apparently so. I too have buyers who have been ordering and messaging me for years and it is not helpful to see all that on the order page. I have to hunt for the actual order requirements.

I would like to be able to turn off that feature.


Yes, it doea not make sense.
I think there should be a button in inbox that could clip the conversation for each separate order. It should be clicked by the seller when he/she realizes that the infomation from now onward needs to be there on the order page. So when a seller clicks that button, the ongoing communications should be captured to be transferred to the order page.

Hmm I don’t seem to have this feature yet… I don’t see any inbox messages on the order page.