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Inbox not populated

I ordered three separate gigs within the past week. Of the three, one delivered on time after telling me he hadn’t received my instructions/order and that fiverr had messed up (how did he know about it to send me a message?) and to resend. I resent my request (normally you can access your inbox, or the seller’s name, to obtain the first message but it wasn’t anywhere to be found. So I did send what I remembered that I asked for.

He delivered a very bland banner that I rejected and then asked me to send pictures that he could use in the new one. I don’t have a problem with that but given he’s supposed to know what he’s doing, I questioned his ability to deliver. I hesitate to give anyone negative feedback but, basically, I have given up on that one.

The second one was just okay but not acceptable so that one is being redone.

The third one sent a message saying that the job was completed but with no attachment. I have already sent two messages to the seller today asking where the attachment(s) are but still no communication from them. I’ve also sent a message to Support telling them that I’m not receiving messages in my inbox (that could be why I’m not hearing from anyone) but no response from them either.

I imagine that the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ springs from situations like this where you pay the measly five bucks and when things go awry, you actually get to thinking about why you used the service in the first place.

I’m very frustrated and puzzled about this whole thing.

Color me stupid, because that’s what I feel like.