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Inbox Not working on browsers?

ANYONE facing issues to load messgaes / reply on desktop browsers?

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same here, even on iOS app it’s shown no message.
fiverr failed us again, super lousy web dev team.

Temporary solution was read the message via your Email and then you should able click on the green button and direct straight into your fiverr Inbox, then we can do reply there.

Also having the same issue!

One work around is click on messages - Right click on the message itself and press open link in new tab.

That seems to work for me.


Also having the same issue!

Open Fiverr cs ticket

I contacted support and waiting for their reply.

@sayedussadat Yes you are right… it also making problem in my browser also…

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Helpful for all -

Use above link If you need to access the inbox messages.


Thanks , I Forget it , :relaxed:

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Yes, I did that too, used middle click

Done , Bug fixed :slight_smile:

contacted CS and they fixed it.

i hope this bug is fixed for everyone… please do comment to let us know the update

Yes, I did that too,