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Inbox organising?


Hey, i’ve made two requests so far and already have a million messages :slight_smile: Any way to group or be able to drag and drop messages into seperate folders to manage them by request? Or something similar? Thanks for any help in advance. not the forum inbox, your normal messages.


Hi, you can create and use labels (and archive and delete conversations), see here:


Thanks but im a bit confused here, there appears to be two inboxes, one that is shown in the video ( and one on the main search page of fiverr on the mai site, here is where all my messages are. Those same messages are not in the inbox that is shown in the video and i have no options to add new labels…any ideas?


The below part of the notes in the link i do not have. I havent signed up to sell anything yet, im buying gigs. This matter?

To the left of each email, you can select the checkbox and perform a number of options on one or more emails.