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Inbox problem

A conversation says it was updated 39 minutes ago, but there is no update that I can see.

I am unsure if the problem is that the conversation updated message is erroneous, or if a message has ‘gone missing,’ but either one is very concerning.

I have the same problem! Messages that I sent went missing too! How can we fix this?

I’m really concerned, because I asked a buyer a question and they did not answer. I wanted to give them enough time to use their revisions if they wanted, so I delivered it in the most common size. If they wanted it slightly differently sized it wouldn’t be a problem for me to do quickly, but only if they can actually see it and tell me that. I wonder if it delivered on their end? This is bad, it’s my first order!

This has been happening to me too a few times.

I found out mine actually are going through, and there were no problems with the order (nothing else needed to be discussed).

The ‘missing message’ to me showed up later, but I think it confused the ‘response tracker’ a little bit.