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Inbox response rate

today i open fiverr and saw in my dashboard that my inbox response rate is 27%
i dont know why this is going down
tomorrow one spammer send me a message
i ignored that and delete

please tell me how i can fix that issue
please help



In the last 60 days, if you have received 100 messages, you have only responded to 27 of them.

If, in the next 60 days, you begin responding to more messages (even if you don’t receive many), it would improve your overall response rate.

Spammers messages will not count against you if you block them.
Ignoring them will reflect in your inbox response rate.

Whenever I receive an academic writing request, I call them out first for asking me to do an academic writing, report and block.


contact fiverr CS with your screenshots.

But now by mistake I deleted those messagesso now I cannot block them

Now what I do

It’s okay. Just be careful in the future.

There is a fiverr event happening right now ‘Mastering Fiverr’s Communication Best Practices’

Join in : )

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yeah, be up-to-date about the changes in fiverr .

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Where I can join this program

Ok thanks for helping

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Just blocking spam messages doesn’t guarantee they won’t count against your response rate.

Before blocking, you need to reply to spam - even if you get the Fiverr message saying you don’t need to - and it only takes some seconds. Replying with a simple “no” or “reported” is enough.


It was a short workshop. It’s over now.

Ooo okay! That’s what I do, didn’t think it was a requirement!
Thank you for informing


It’s not a requirement, but it’s a good practice to do so. It will save you lots of headaches. :wink:


yes i done this mistake
what should i do

Thank you for shear :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Impressive, you can tell the future too!

Jokes aside:

You may want to contact customer service and explain the situation. Tell them that you received a spam email and instead of reporting it as spam, you just ignored and deleted it, not realizing it would harm your response rate. They may help you, or they may not.

In the future though, do as others have said, and reply to all messages, whether they are spam or not - even if it is just to inform them you are not interested and will be reporting their message as spam. After replying, then you can hit the report button and block them.



ok thanks
and thanks for correcting me
i contacted to customer support


Deja vu …