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Inbox Response time Still Counting :(


I got this Message Yesterday and I replied Him within 15 Min and We Have 5 - 6 Messages in That Conversation but that Response time Counting Clock Still There and it Shows I have to Reply it within 12 Hours.

This screenshot I got today Morning [about 10 mins ago]

also Buyer told me He can’t place The Order and I told him to Contact Customer Support for it.

anyone got this Issue ? :open_mouth:

Thank you.

Response rate is based on your time taken to reply on order page or inbox within last 30 days.

Some buyer face problems like they can’t place order just because they are new on fiverr platform. Try to explain the whole process or try with sending custom offer.

Few days back this happened to me as well. Contact Customer Support and they will fix it for you! :slight_smile:

Problem Solved. Time Counting Clock was Gone :smiley:

Reply to @ilovenish: Thanks for the Reply. Placing Order problem was Fixed. He placed the Order.
But That Response time Counting Clock still shows in his Message :frowning:

Reply to @alex_logos: Never happened to me. But few days back, a seller sent me a gig request to advertise his gig. I told him this is against fiverr’s TOS and then marked his message as spam but a irritating notification still showing in my To Do list “You received a gig offer”. Sent a ticket to Customer Support but they are not replying from last 4 days. Don’t know what’s going on.

Reply to @ilovenish: Sorry about it :frowning:

Reply to @rahulkajla1: Oh Thanks for the Information Mate. Will Contact them :slight_smile: