Inbox "unread" message bug


My inbox says I have 1 unread message and the inbox notification is highlighted but when I click it there’s no message to be found, I’m assuming it was spam that was auto blocked and I deleted it without reading it? This is slightly annoying to say the least. :frowning:


6 days later and I still have this bug and no one seems to be able to help me, every day the inbox notification lights up telling me I have an unread message, even after I have read every single message! I even selected all the remaining messages in my inbox and checked them as “marked as read”, even tried moving them all to the archive and even after all that I got fed up and deleted everything and still it registers as me having not read a message in my inbox! :frowning:


OK they seemed to have fixed it finally, it was a message that I reported and blocked apparently, as it reappeared in my inbox, so I marked it as read and voila, notification gone! :slight_smile:
So major props to whoever did that?