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Inboxing a buyer

I’m a new buyer and have started to get buyer requests in the buyer requests section.
Few buyers ask the sellers to send their sample works to them. How can I do this?
Because I’m unable to inbox them directly as fiverr doesn’t let sellers to view buyer’s profile from buyer’s list. As far as i experienced I could only send my sample works to a buyer who inboxed me privately. Please tell me how to inbox other buyer’s if there is an option.

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The people who post buyer requests are not looking for people to message them. They just want to compare the abilities of people who responded. Some will appreciate a sample in the inbox, but when I responded to buyer requests, I usually introduced myself, my experience, and what me and my gig could do for their project.

Oh yes! So… How do we actually inbox them our samples? I thought we could only reply them when they inbox us and we cannot approach first? Is it possible to inbox them first? If yes, how?
Please help

Only if they’re also sellers, but if you do it, you will violate Fiverr’s Terms of Service. You’re not allowed to message buyers unless they message you first.

When sending your offer, you can politely tell them that it’s not possible to send attachments with the offer, so you can’t send them samples, but that you’ll be happy to show them samples when they message you.

Thank you so much for your tip sir. :smiley: