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Include simple agreement as part of the gig requirement

Will it be effective to include simple agreement as part of the gig requirement?
as a mandatory requirement so the buyer for instance can type:
YES, I will not cancel this purchased gig service at any stage

As I think it will help to avoid shady buyers or scammer buyers or a thief who is acting as buyer.
Maybe my gig service will not be that popular in this marketplace, but at least it will give me more chance to not working for free.
Has anyone tried this before?

I wouldn’t support it even though I’m a seller myself because there are still a lot of sellers who’s trying to scam buyers, so why wouldn’t they cancel the order if seller trying to be shady and not delivering service that they promised or delivered something stolen from the internet? (which seems to be very common problem here)


It’s back to each individual seller or buyer to choose this way as being protective to their service or not. Buyers can find other sellers who are willing to work without any protection.

Hmm… interesting. However, I don’t think it will work on Fiverr. This is because, according to Fiverr’s ToS, buyers have the right to request for a cancelation/refund if there are genuine reasons for requesting for one.

So even if your buyer “accepts” your “agreement,” they will still be able to request for a cancelation (if there are genuine reasons) from CS as what’s written in the ToS supersedes your agreement.


at least the buyer will think twice to hire me :smiley:

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I don’t think so. They will probably have to think very little before making the decision to move on and look for another seller. There will probably be very little thinking involved.

As you have already pointed out, when there are thousands of sellers offering their services without the need for an “agreement not to cancel,” why would they ever place an order with you? They can definitely find another seller who is probably more skilled than you and also doesn’t ask them to agree to an agreement.

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that’s what I mean, they are free to look for another sellers. I don’t want to work for scammy buyers. I can still look money from other better environment. I have keep coming back positive buyers here, that’s why I still keep my account here, other than that, I don’t care :smiley:

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Why buyers shouldn’t be concerned that you are a scammy seller? Maybe you are trying to bind them with an agreement not to cancel the order and will deliver let’s say art stolen from the internet hoping they wouldn’t cancel the order because they “signed” your requirement?


my previous buyers reviews have described my work performance. Any prospect buyers should understand this prior to buying a service.

A lot of buyers complaining that those all 5 stars reviews are fake. So why they still should bing themselves in that agreement?

I hate cancellations but I’m just trying to show you how it would feel from buyers prospective.
I’m a seller but if I would’ve been on a buyers side I would’ve just immediately contact fiverr support team and asked to cancel my order even though I didn’t submit requirements yet, and that would’ve hurt seller more with unnecessary cancellation even with a legit buyer.
(That is to the point that they will fill that requirements only after placing an order)

For me it would’ve been extremely shady to have the need to sign that I wouldn’t cancel the order and only would make me think that so many people tried to cancel orders with this sellers which might mean that there is something wrong.


I think it’s up to everyone now, as everyone has point of view and some ways. Fiverr has ways, buyers have ways, sellers have ways.

Fairness is what I aim regardless. I want to stay objective as who I am with my experience as a seller.
10 positve ratings with prove of work portfolio of the attached gig service from the buyers vs 1 negative review of scammy buyer will tell alot. Every person will see this as a fact.
I will encourage every buyers to see this fact before they purchase any order for any sellers here on Fiverr.

Thank you for showing your feeling.

It’s not allowed to write something in the gig description (or requirements, though remember that buyers don’t see requirements until they place the order) that goes against Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and according to ToS, buyers do have the right to cancel if there’s a good reason.

So, if you do what you planned, you could get an account warning. And besides, how would it stop scamming buyers from doing chargebacks?


let them do what they want with their “GOOD” reason and I will do what I need to do with “GOOD” reason too.
The system will work if it works good for every party, if not then it’s time to revise with new policy and ToS that will protect every party (Fiverr, buyer, and seller).

Or they might choose not to hire you at all.

I don’t mind, for the record

We already have this in fine print:

“The buyer agreed that the information provided is accurate and complete. The buyer is aware that any changes, requiring your approval, may be subject to additional costs.”

Which sounds perfect and reasonable. And it’s close to impossible to enforce when buyers don’t care if they choose not to care. :slight_smile: It’ll be the same thing with what you’re suggesting. You’ll complain to CS and they’ll come back with: “We can’t make the buyer to accept the delivery” and that’ll be it.


sorry as I probably don’t understand fully what you’re trying to address. But I agree that this works case per case as reasonable good and fair as it can be for each party. I can not say that every prospect buyer is a scammer nor every seller has potential to be a scammer.

Let’s stay objective based on the fact of the work quality of each seller and buyer’s profile credibility and how each party can show legit evidences when cancelling order as well as to put the risk in the name of fairness.

Fiverr’s default position on cancelling orders after delivery is “We can’t make the buyer to accept the delivery”. It’s a direct CS quote I’ve received multiple times. They prefer to always leave a possibility for a cancellation open.

And they are not going to review every cancellation on an individual basis. It requires an actual person to spend time on it while the system gets more and more automated.

I’m just saying that your suggestion is unrealistic. It won’t happen.


Just highlighting this with an exclamation mark for anyone reading this thread and pondering to put such agreements (which might go against Fiverr ToS) anywhere in their gig or requirements.
Choose your battles wisely.


Fair enough!
it will also be fair enough to say that I am looking forward to see nicer platform that can protect sellers as best as they can protect the buyers.

Stating in the ToS that every seller will be put on risk of the files they deliver in every project gig with any good reasons of cancellation for example, so that every seller will reconsider to join the platform that the platform will clearly not going to stand up for them will be good example.

I mean what’s the use of this platform anyway if it’s only win one side and not another or at least to be fair for both sides?
Does Fiverr have the stat of the number of the scam buyers and scam sellers? I hope the clear measurement of fairness is there neverthless!

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