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Including another user in an order


I am collaborating with a family member on a project and I want her to be able to see the communication on an order. Is it possible to include her on messages/orders on fiverr?



That would break the confidentiality of your client.

thanks - but I am the client.

This forum is for sellers.

I would just copy and paste and send it to her.

I don’t think so. Sellers frequent it more but buyers post sometimes, there’s even a “Tips for Buyers” category, which wouldn’t make sense if the forum was for sellers only, and according to mods, there are many people who “only” read, which might also include buyers. And then there are sellers who also are buyers.

To OP, maybe ask the seller if they are fine with it.


I had a couple of clients collaborate on a project once. I was only in direct communication with one of them, and she sent all the files and stuff to her friend and delivered me the feedback. If you want your friend to be able to read all the messages and stuff, though, the only solution I can think of is giving her access to your Fiverr account.

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