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Income bank problem

Hello Fiverr. I have a question. One person i know has some money from fiverr. One day his bank called him and asked him where these money come from and they blocked his transfer. I really dont want to happen this to me. Does fiverr ever send you an overall income paper that you have to claim to your bank? Whas is the deal with these money i make from fiverr?


As with any earning you may receive, you have to fulfill your Tax Agency regarding the income source. I don’t know how it works in Greece. In Spain, you have to be registered as a freelance or business, and fill the appropiate forms. Then, you go to your bank and prove you are working legally in an online platform, and that income comes from here, and you are paying your taxes. Your bank should accept it. But if they don’t know where the money comes, they may ask you or block international money transfers on your account.


Hi, You can use payoneer master card to transfer money from fiverr then local bank but The bank have to never ask about this where from the money is coming I think you bank acount may be not your Or you daily doing withdraw, Use ATM not cheque. and maybe reason which mentioned @juanwriter

So fiverr never sends me any income paper?

I don’t know if you refer to an invoice, or income state. You must ask a local tax advisor to be really sure.

There are new laws regarding money laundry worlwide. Now banks should ask their customers where the money comes from, or they can block your account. Almost all countries in Europe and others like US are already enforcing those laws. My bank asked me where my income comes from, and I had to sign a document stating that. However, if your earnings here are low, perhaps your bank just don’t even bother.

I don’t know what happens in other countries, but in Europe, they are serious regarding that. You can use Payoneer and avoid bank transfers sure, just be safe and comply with laws, as credit cards are also a form of money transfer, even if you just use an ATM to retrieve the money, there is an international bank transfer that can be traceable.